Invisible Heroes

Tapani Brotherus is the son of a Finnish diplomat and though he never wanted to become one himself, by his early 30s he has got himself a job at the embassy in Chile. He works assisting trade deals, helping lost travelers, but life for him is really about playing golf and going to the best parties with his wife Lysa, all from a nice house with a swimming pool. But on 11th September 1973 General Augusto Pinochet brings his tanks to the streets of Santiago in a miltiary coup that overthrows the president and throws the city in to turmoil. As chaos breaks out, people literally start climbing the walls of Tapani’s home begging him for help, all fearing for their lives. Though official Finnish policy is not to help refugees, to stay neutral and out of conflicts, Brotherus can not stand by while people are murdered in the streets, and starts a secret effort that ultimately ensures safe passage to asylum in Europe for over 2000 Chilean citizens. Invisible Heroes is a thrilling, compelling and previously untold true story about a small group that risked everything they had to help people in need: against diplomatic protocol, against instructions from their superiors, risking their lives to do the only thing that was morally right.


Pelle Heikkilä
Sophia Heikkilä
Ilkka Villi
Gastón Salgado
Néstor Cantillana
Christián Carvajal
Paola Lattus
Aksa Korttila
Juan Cano
Sönke Möhring
Mikael Persbrandt



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